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  • Using a Linux Command Line Dictionary
  • How to join a Windows network with your Linux device
  • Install Any Oracle Java (JDK) Version In Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint Or Fedora With install-java.sh
  • An Automated Way To Install Essential Applications On Ubuntu
  • Symantec Warns of Shifting Threat Landscape as Formjacking Risk Grows
  • Essential System Tools: QDirStat - Excellent Qt-based directory statistics
  • How to Setup Kerberos Server and Client on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
  • How to Master the Linux Tree Command
  • 5 of the Best Linux Distros for Raspberry Pi
  • Slashdot


  • Facebook Will Shut Down Its Spyware VPN App Onavo
  • Israel Launches Spacecraft To the Moon
  • YouTube Videos Could Get Demonetized If They Have 'Inappropriate Comments'
  • China's CRISPR Twins Might Have Had Their Brains Inadvertently Enhanced
  • Waymo Self-Driving Cars Can Now Obey Police Hand Signals
  • Google Will End Forced Arbitration For Employees
  • Verizon Plans To Roll Out Its 5G Mobile Network In 30 Cities This Year
  • Experts Find Serious Problems With Switzerland's Online Voting System
  • Consumer Reports No Longer Recommends the Tesla Model 3
  • Unearthed Emails Show Google, Ad Giants Know They Break Privacy Laws
  • American Airlines Has Cameras In Their Screens Too
  • Queensland, Australia Drivers Set To Get Emoji Number Plates
  • Nike Bricks Its Shoes With a Faulty Firmware Update
  • Right To Repair Legislation Is Officially Being Considered In Canada
  • Facebook Continued To Identify Users Who Are Interested in Nazis -- and Then Used the Info To Let Advertisers Target Them, Investigation Finds
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